Monday, January 12, 2009

"I'm Nuts. This is my partner, Pretzels." - Berg

After blog stalking for months, I am now joining the ranks of the stalked ones (assuming someone out there is actually going to read this drivel). Did you ever watch the show "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place?" It was about three grad students - Sharon and roommates Pete and Berg. It hasn't been on the air for years now, but I always thought it was a funny show. Anyway, in trying to come up with a clever name for this blog, the show title came to mind, and I ran with it.

I'm not sure why I've decided to start this. Maybe it's because I miss writing, or maybe I'm just bored, but whatever the reason - here it is!

This is Dog #1 - Gidget AKA Miss Gidget, Gidget Girl, the Brain and Baby Girl.

Miss Gidget was a puppy that I fell in love with almost six years ago when she was featured as the "Pet of the Week" in the newspaper. She was listed as Harley, and Tony (then boyfriend, now husband) took me out to the Humane Society to see her. When I asked about Harley at the reception desk, the volunteers told me that she had already been adopted, and I was just heartbroken. Since I was really bummed, and we were already out there, we walked outside to see the other dogs available for adoption. I came across one of the kennels, saw the cutest little face looking at me through the chain link, and I shrieked, "That's her!!"

I hurried back inside to ask about her, and it was then that the volunteers explained that there had been a mix-up, and "Harley," as seen in the paper, was actually Gidget. I was so happy to see that she was still there! We took her out to the yard and instantly bonded. I paid the fee, and I actually had to wait a few weeks for her to be spayed before I could take her home to Tony's house. I visited her a few times out there, and we got to bring Miss Gidget (the name the shelter had given her was so fitting for her little personality that we kept it) home Memorial Day weekend 2003. She was estimated then to be four months old, so that makes my little princess six as of this month. She is part Chihuahua, part unknown terrier and all heart.

Then, there is Dog #2 - Riley AKA Riley Dog, Pinky, Fatty and Bud.

Riley came about when my parents' neighbors bred their female yellow Lab, which I often dog-sat, with a Field Trial Champion Lab. Tony wanted a bird dog, and I'm a sucker for, it was kind of a no-brainer for us to claim one of the pups. I wanted one of the white pups, but they were all females, and Tony had his heart set on a yellow male. Six weeks later in August 2003, we brought the little guy home. I honestly can't remember how Tony came up with the name Riley, but I loved it from the moment he suggested it.

He can't be classified as full blooded because his mom Abby - who was very much a Lab - was found as a stray, so not much is known about her lineage. But, he's about as close to full blood as he can be without actually being 100%. Riley was quite the challenge, as most Lab pups are, although thankfully he has never been a chewer or a digger! He was a huge cry baby and would keep Tony up at night, and he gave us fits with crate training. But, he grew into a great companion and bird dog, and he will be six in July. He lives for September 1 when we all go out on opening day of dove season. By the time sundown comes around, he is exhausted, but he's the happiest you will see him all year. I spend a lot of time alone because of Tony's work schedule, and he is always the protector by my side.

There's the Girl - Me AKA Jordan, Nadroj, the Yellow Dart, TPT, Karen and Jo.

If you know me, well, you know me, and if you don't, you'll catch on...

As for the Husband's Grace part of the blog title, when I decided to play off the show title, the two dogs and a girl part came easily. But, I wanted to include my husband, Tony AKA Tone, T, and Tone Loc.

He was a little more difficult to fit in the title. I was sitting there thinking of words that rhymed with place, and I came to grace. Normally, when I think of grace, I think of God's mercy, so I wasn't sure if it was going to be appropriate. But in googling the official definitions, I came across this:

Grace 1Definition: The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; disposition to benefit or serve another; favor bestowed or privilege conferred.

And it just clicked. I couldn't think of anything more fitting of the character of the man who chose me to be his wife. Plus he has the grace just to put up with me! He's been my partner from the day we met, March 7, 2003. I can remember my Dad telling me that I would marry him after the first time he met Tony. I thought he was crazy! We didn't date long before - wouldn't you know Dad was right?? - we were engaged in December that same year. Tony's placement in a fire station shifted our wedding plans up from October to July 8, 2004 in Las Vegas, baby! We are coming up on our fifth anniversary this summer, and we're planning a trip back to catch all the things we missed on the first go-round. I'm so excited!

Stay tuned for more episodes of "Two Dogs, a Girl and a Husband's Grace"!

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Life at the White House said...

Okay, one last comment, I promise.

Just had to throw in there that when I was in 6th grade at church camp I learned the definition of "grace". It has stuck with me ever since!

Grace: continually getting what you continually do not deserve.

I LOVE the word/name Grace!