Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pain, pain, go away...

...please don't come another day!

I feel so old - not because of my age, but because of the way I feel. I hurt all the time. It's been almost two years since my double knee surgery, and the pain is there more now than it ever has been. *sigh* Some days are ok, but it interferes with my life too much. There's pretty much not another surgery they can do unless I become handicapped, because of the severity of the surgery and the complications it creates. I just pray that technology advances and some new treatment or surgery will present itself.

Yesterday, I had a good meeting with my dr. about pain management, and she put me on an additional medication - a painkiller/anti-inflammatory med for arthritis sufferers. Arthritis! And that seems funny to me since I have told several people that I wish I had a cane for my bad days. Good grief, I feel like I'm falling apart! Hopefully, the new med will interact well with my current med and greatly reduce the amount of pain I'm in!

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