Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank Goodness it's Friday!

Yay! This week has finally come to an end! Roxy went to her new home on Wednesday night, and yes, I cried. :( She remembered Lupe right away from all her time spent at the shop, but Lupe's husband Teddy was another story. She growled and barked, but she started warming up to him when we gave him some cookies to feed her. I got a good report yesterday that Roxy and Astrea (Lupe's husky) got along famously. Lupe said they played until 4 am before passing out, and they ate together and everything! I'm glad to hear she's doing well, and at least I get to hear about her progress. And, if for some reason she doesn't work out, I will take her back in a hearbeat! Riley and Gidget have been total slugs since she left, and I kind of forgot how lazy they normally are!

We are going to do lots of work on Fort Smith this weekend - wreck out a wall in the kitchen and hopefully the bathroom. I finally got the layout of the kitchen worked out. Tony and I happened to have a huge brain fart when we were planning the exterior, and we didn't have the window in the kitchen we ran into a problem putting the cabinets where we planned. After hours of drawing it out, and an extra trip on Monday to measure again, I created a layout that will work.

It's now one week until our annual trout fishing trip in Arkansas. It's a tradition with some of Tony's family, and it is so much fun. But what makes this year extra exciting is that we are taking our friends Daniel and Priscilla! They live in Lubbock, and we don't get to see them as much as we'd like. Tony and Daniel went to school through high school together, and they are great friends. Daniel and Priscilla got married almost two years ago, and she is such a doll. We have so much fun when we get to spend time with them, but this will really give us a chance to get to know her better. There's not a lot to do in Heber Springs but relax and fish, and we always come home with a ton more than we can actually eat. Hopefully, one of us will catch a monster this year! Ever since I learned that the 40 pound world record trout was caught there, I've wanted to see someone in our group catch a whale!

Floating along the Little Red River...only one more week!!

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