Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy Eights

It's going around the blogosphere, and I needed an idea for today.

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1.) My fifth wedding anniversary
2.) The completion of Fort Smith
3.) Summer weekends at the lake
4.) Reaching my fitness goal so I can have a glass of vino
5.) A trip to Anthropologie once I reach my goal
6.) The healing of a broken friendship, even though I'm not yet ready
7.) Seeing my friend Rachel whenever she can work me in for a visit
8.) The rest of my days with the love of my life

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1.) Shredded with Jillian
2.) Went to the grocery store
3.) Talked to my husband on the phone
4.) Brought in seven boxes of lake purchases from the front porch
5.) Tidied my office while the network tech was there
6.) Blogstalked
7.) Thanked God for my blessings
8.) Watched the Biggest Loser - Team Tara all the way!

8 Things I Love:

1.) My husband telling me I'm his dream girl
2.) Puppies, puppies, puppies
3.) Spending time with family
4.) Browsing in a bookstore
5.) My husband's cooking
6.) Taking super hot baths and then rinsing my hair out in ice cold water
7.) Throwing random movie quotes into any situation
8.) Baking, even though I rarely have time for it anymore

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1.) Catch up on LOST (it’s not in 8 shows I watch b/c I'm super behind!)
2.) Fix my jacked-up knees
3.) Make money off of something I enjoy doing/creating
4.) Style my hair in an updo
5.) Rescue another fur baby to stay with us
6.) Fly to France to visit my family there
7.) Go back to school to get my MBA (this is more like I wish I wanted to)
8.) Sweat the small/OCD/anal-retentive stuff less

8 Shows I watch:

1.) Nip/Tuck
2.) Rescue Me
3.) Sons of Anarchy
4.) Big Love
5.) True Blood
6.) Weeds
7.) The Biggest Loser
8.) Survivor


Lindsey said...

YAY for doing the Shred! And Congrats on 5 years this year, woohoo!!!

Simply Me said...

girly... you are for sure queen of the day in my book.. your pretty much on the same tier with me with our personality's!!! it's soooo nice to meet someone like that too.
My to do lists are the same- it's an illness.
I'll color code mine if they are " branched out".

it says 7 people but who cares!! :)
grab your award!! yaaay

Dollface said...

ooo i missed 8 things I love on my post... and hows the shredding?? does it work?? xxoo

Brittany Ann said...

The nice thing about LOST is that it's almost more fun to watch it in bulk! I'm kind of jealous that you get to play catch-up!

And I love Big Love, too. I don't know, but I just do.

AmberDenae said...

I'm WAYYY behind on Lost as well. It's been a really long time since I've seen it and I doubt I would even know what was going on =/

So glad you left a comment on my blog because I can so tell that your blog is fantastic! I love it already. Consider yourself followed/stalked/read by me! ;)

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Uh-oh. My husband would love you. You're addicted to HBO, aren't ya? I have a good friend from Ft. Smith! She lives in Texas now.

Krystyn said...

Good for you for doing the Shred. I've heard it's pretty good.

But, I would be guilty of rewarding myself with the glass of wine after every workout! Well, not every one...

Hanako66 said...

oooooooh, great list!

Iva said...

i love #7 in "8 thing I love" too!

congratulations on your 5 year anniversary!