Monday, January 26, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

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Well, it's been several days since my last post, so let me update you on the "stepchild" situation.

The vet gave Roxy dog a completely clean bill of health on the 16th. She was really good on the leash harness at the vet, and she was perfectly still in the bathtub while we cleaned her up. She was so fluffy and pretty once she was clean!

She is getting settled into a routine at the house. She has picked up on "outside" and is very good with "sit." She also definitely recognizes "no!" We had some visitors on Thursday, and she was incredibly timid with them and very attached to us. She's really come a long way in the trust department with us.

She is getting along with the dogs so well - Roxy and Riley run circles around the backyard, and she and Gidget wrestle all over the house. Gidget has really let her guard down, but every now and then she growls at Roxy just to remind her who is boss. But I've noticed that Riley and Gidget haven't really played with each other since Roxy has come into the house, and that makes me kind of sad. She likes to play a lot, and she likes to drag everything out in the backyard.

Today was her first accident in the house in twelve days. It could be due to a number of things. The weather is super crummy today, and Tony took Riley to work with him, so we put Roxy in Riley's crate. She doesn't like it, and she cries when we put her in there since she's not used to being confined. I could smell that she had peed in there when I came home for lunch, and when Tony wasn't looking, she left a present for him in the guitar room. I want to chalk it up to a stressful day for her with the weather, the crate and all.

We are still looking for Roxy a good home (know anyone??), but I go back and forth on whether or not to keep her with us. Part of me thinks it is not fair to her because we don't have enough time to devote to her, but the other part of me sees how settled she has become. I hate to rip her away from all that has become familiar to her. There is a woman in town that offered to help us place her through a rescue group, but we would have to get her spayed first. We already spent $130 at the vet on her - if I'm going to shell out more cash to get her spayed, she's staying with me! I have gotten attached to her, but the three dogs are quite a bit to handle. We'll see how it goes...

We've had a lot of fun in the last several days. Tony has been able to be home more, and I just love it when he is around! On Tuesday, we had a lot of fun playing 31 (a card game) with the guys at the shop. It was my first time to play, and I took the pot home - all $7!! heehee We also went to the casino on Saturday and played roulette for about three hours. Tony and I won $250!! Our friend Josh also won himself some cash monies. We had such a good time!

On Sunday, we took my parents out to Lake Kemp to see Fort Smith for the first time. The workers weren't as far along as we had hoped, but there was enough done to give us an idea of the finished project. They have replaced all the windows and put in the new doors, and the french door looks awesome!

The siding was only done on one side, so it really made for a good contrast with the front of the house in the picture.

It is still so rough, but little by little, it's getting better. We are guessing it will be another week before they are finished, and then we can begin the overwhelming overhaul of the inside. We have less than four months until the big Memorial Day weekend bash - ack!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to one of our very best friends - Josh!!

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