Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

This has been floating around Facebook, and well, I was bored...

1. When I eat animal crackers, I eat their legs first, then their heads and their bodies last.

2. I love to play roulette!

3. I keep a list of potential names for my unborn children in my desk.

4. I want to go to Comic-Con.

5. I dove hunt with a Remington 11-87.

6. I would love to meet Kate Winslet. She's fabulous!

7. I have a birthmark on the right side of my mouth that many people mistake for food.

8. I nickname my cars.

9. My knee caps can come out of place...and stay there. It's not like being double-jointed either.

10. To follow up #9, I really admire the people who say they wouldn't change a thing about themselves, but I would give quite a bit to not be in constant pain every day.

11. I prefer Subway over Quizno's.

12. As sad as it might be to some people that I will probably never leave WF, I think it's neat that my children will be the third generation born and fourth generation raised here.

13. I miss my friend Rachel more now that we are in contact again than when we weren't.

14. My favorite food is pasta.

15. My parents are the two people I admire most in this world. I am so proud to be their daughter!

16. I can not eat Jello, scallops, oysters, gummi worms or anything squishy of the like because it makes me want to hurl.

17. I love movie trivia, and I love quoting movies to make people laugh.

18. If I want to get lost in a store, I go to Hobby Lobby. I can spend hours there!

19. I ♥ chai tea lattes.

20. I can not tie my shoes the proper way. I am stubborn, and at five years old, I was determined to teach myself...the wrong way. It can not be unlearned.

21. I really liked The Black Donnellys. It was a show on NBC that got cancelled halfway into its first season, but the DVDs my sister got me for Christmas have all the unaired episodes!

22. I have to use two alarms to get up in the morning.

23. I am such a fan of Shiner beers that, one day, I will have a chocolate Lab named Shiner.

24. My three favorite Disney movies are The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast - in that order.

25. I truly love my husband more each day than the one before it.

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