Friday, January 16, 2009

Look what the Tony-cat dragged in!

So, when the Ambient Control/Autumn Air/Gage Metal crew moved out to the business park, they picked up a new friend - this sweet girl:

Roxanne, as the sheet metal guys named her, looks to be a German Shepherd/heeler cross, maybe even border collie. She has been hanging around there for weeks because the guys feed her and let her come in the shop to get out of the cold. In the mornings when Tony shows up, she trots her self up to his truck and rolls over for a belly rub.

The other day, the neighbors decided to stop by and welcome her to the neighborhood. Tony said she wanted them to play with her so badly.

And yes, those are goats...with collars! That is so funny to me!

I'm a complete sucker, and I have hated the idea of her being out there alone. And yesterday, Tony started to think it would be sad if she got hit by a car on their busy corner. So, when he walked in the door last night, he said, "Come here." I said, "What's wrong???" He said, "nothing," and I followed him out to his truck, where...Roxy is waiting. I couldn't believe he had actually brought her home! I always talk a big game about wanting a third, but three dogs? Are we crazy?!?!

She took to Riley pretty quickly. They were running circles around the back yard in no time, but Miss Gidget was not so eager to play. Gidget is not only an alpha female, but she is also top dog - the boss. I bet she was thinking, "who the heck is this beeyotch??" Haha! They all came in the house, and she went to exploring. Gidget, so far, does not like Roxy around her food or beds. She growls at Roxy when she wants her to back down...and Roxy does. She is such a sweetheart!

Aside, from putting her paws up on the furniture a few times, she's been very well behaved. Last night, we let her sleep in our room with the other two (with the door closed to keep her in) and no accidents! And none since she came in the house last night, either. It took a while for Roxy and Riley to quit playing and settle down for sleep. Gidget didn't even sleep in her bed. She slept in between our bed and Roxy so that she could keep a watchful eye to make sure that Roxy didn't get into any of her stuff.

Tony's at home with all three today, so I don't know yet how that's going. Later this afternoon, I am taking her to the vet to find out a little more about her and make sure she's healthy. Will this last? I don't know. I want to be fair to our two. Our two have been by themselves with us for close to six years. Outside of a few fur friends that have stayed over every now and then, they have never had to share us. Riley seems to care less to have her around, but Gidget is going to be the key player. See, Gidget is from the streets y'all. She spent some time locked up in the pen! She's had to fend for herself (unlike Riley), and even though that was a long time ago, I think she's still concerned with self-preservation because of that.

So, we're not committing to anything yet. We'd like to find her a loving home, whether it be ours or not. Stay tuned to see what happens!

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Amanda Fouts said...

Hi Jordan! Thanks so much for reading my silly little blog, it really does keep me entertained! I love your blog's cute! We do have lots of connections, and being a blog stalker myself, I have noticed you and your cute family on DeEdra's blog! (I love that purple dress in your pic by the way!)I love your Roxy story...I'm betting that yall will keep her :) Can't wait to read more! and I will indeed tell "JM" that you said Hi! (poor guy only gets a few initials...Joe Mike is just to hard to type over and over again! haha)