Friday, February 13, 2009

If blogging was a job, I would be fired!

Geez, it's been almost two weeks since my last blog! Bad Jordan! I've gotten into genealogy, and I'm kind of obsessed with it right now. I'm sure that sounds so nerdy - ha! My sister in law, Ashley, has been working on this extensive project on the Moreno side of Tony's family, and it's incredible to see the amount of information she's compiled. So, I've been playing around on, which lets you access all sorts of public records - census, births & deaths, immigration, etc.

So far, the neatest thing that I have come across - am I'm still floored by it - is the passenger manifesto from 02/20/1957 where my grandfather brought my grandmother and my two aunts to America for the first time. My dad wasn't even born yet! See, my grandfather was in the USAF, and while he was stationed in France, he met my grandmother - Andrée Demé. They married in France, and had a child together (my grandmother already had a daughter from a previous relationship), and when my aunts were 9 and 4 months, according to the manifesto, they came to America for their first visit!

They returned to France, and my dad was born there about three years later. I think he was four or five when they moved to the US, and then they were transferred to Germany. It's very hard to trace my dad's side of the family since my grandmother's family were (and are - I still have three great aunts and a great uncle there) in France, and my grandfather's grandfather grew up in an orphanage. Plus, both of them are now deceased, so there is no way to get any information from them. My dad does have some things that he got from the house when they died, and I'm going to start working that. It's so interesting, and that's kind of why there's been no blogging lately...if any of you actually care. :)

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