Monday, March 9, 2009

Coming up for air...

I am drowning! We got back from fishing in Arkansas last week, and I have been so swamped with work, laundry and lake house plans. Not to mention, guess who's back? Roxy! But, that's a story for a different blog.

This was the trip that if it could go wrong, it did! It snowed on our first day to fish which prevented some of Tony's family from coming. The fishing was not so great. There have been much more fish caught in previous years. The keys got locked in the car and the car battery died - separate incidents. The wind chills were in the 20s the whole trip, but the day we left - the temperature got up to 60! I got car sick on the way the point of pulling over and getting sick on the side of the road. There was more, but I think you get the idea...

BUT - we had the best time ever! Daniel and Priscilla share our love of quoting movies... to the point that the four of us were carrying on complete conversations on movie quotes alone. It was hilarious! There was a lot of alcohol consumed - mostly by the boys. One of my favorite parts of the trip was Tony trying to make grilled cheese sandwiches- inebriated. There was a lot of bread and cheese wasted on that one!

Priscilla got her first fish ever! I didn't even know that she had never been fishing before. What a great sport to go on a week long fishing trip! I wish the fishing had been better for her, but she had fun. I think everyone on the Little Red River heard her when she snagged that first fish!

I was very happy to have caught a big one, by no means a monster, though. It measured in at 15", which is good because I wouldn't have been able to keep it had it been 16" or over. That's a really good sized trout, and he gave me a lot of fight. I caught him in the process of trying to catch Walter. Walter was huge! He hung around Uncle John's dock, taunting us the whole trip. We think he was probably pretty close to being 24", which is the size you get to start keeping them again.

John is convinced that I had Walter, but I don't know. I hooked this huge fish, got him out of the water and I bent down to grab the line and get him...and he spit out the hook! I was so crushed. Although he was very big, and I'm sure I couldn't have kept him, I don't think he was Walter. After that, I was very deteremined to get him again, and this is what I caught.

We really had a great time, and we are already planning next year's trip...and Daniel & Priscilla want to come back with us! Here are some other highlights from the trip:

Squirrel hunting is a tradition for the guys. Daniel taking aim at a squirrel.

Priscilla and Tony spot squirrels for Daniel.

The boys playing guitar.

Tony helping Priscilla with the catches of the day.

Daniel and his pickerel!

What an ugly fish!

Tony relaxing after a long day of fishing and drinking beer.
Priscilla & Me (me looking chunky due to four or five layers of clothes!)

Tony's Uncle John and John's father in law, Norman aka Peter Wrinkle

Norman , Aunt Teresa & Uncle John.

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