Monday, April 13, 2009

That darn cat dog!

This little dog... so much more evil than her cute little face lets on. She mischievously turned a productive Saturday afternoon at Fort Smith into a scramble fest with the push of a button.

Taking a break from working, I went out to the truck to get my checkbook out of my purse to pay one of the contractors. Gidget hopped right in like she thought we were leaving. Once I wrote the check, I tried to get her to come back out, but she was not having it. She plays this game every so often when we come home from the groomer, and usually, after a few minutes left to herself she jumps right out. So, I just left her in there with the intention of coming back in a few minutes.

15 minutes later, I went out to the truck to let her out, pulled up on the handle and nothing...happened. That little snot had locked us out!! Tony's keys were right there on the console, and she was sitting in the driver's seat - smiling. (Yes, the dog actually smiles - I have photographic evidence.) I tried and tried to coax her back up onto the door in hopes that she would hit the unlock button. But Miss Priss didn't want any part of it. She climbed up onto the console and took a nap...on top of the keys, just to add insult to injury.

I'm sure this went through her evil little noggin: "Keys in the truck? Check. No water bottles in the house? Check. No food? Check. Ridiculously strong winds? Check. Lock truck? Check. Operation Lock Out has commenced. [Insert maniacal dog laughter here.]" Every now and then, we would beat on the door to try and get her attention. She would flick her ears, barely open one eye to check out the hoopla, and then ignore us.

Two hours and numerous creative attempts later, we finally found a way in. It took both of us prying the door open wide enough to shove a piece of copper pipe down and hit the unlock button. And then that little brat had the nerve to jump right out and prance around. She's lucky Tony let her live ride inside the truck on the way home.

There's a reason my mom calls her The Brain (Riley is Pinky, by the way).


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Amanda Fouts said...

hahahahaahaha!! This cracks me up!!!!

Krystyn said...

Oh, what a total stinker!