Friday, April 24, 2009

Whatever happened to Roxy?

You know what I did? I mentioned that Roxy didn't work out with her new family here, and then I never gave any explanation! I don't think the family was ready for two dogs. Anywho, she came back to us, and she pranced back in the house like she had never been gone. She was so happy to see us! After another two weeks, we had just about decided that I was going to have to change the title of my blog to THREE Dogs, a Girl and a Husband's Grace!

But then, my parents finally sold their house after 10 months on the market! Yippee! See, my parents met Roxy the first time she was with us, and they had really liked her, but they weren't ready for a second dog while they were trying to sell their house. So when they sold it, they asked if they could take her, which worked out perfectly! My Dad travels a lot, and with my brother staying so busy, my Mom is home alone a lot. Roxy is her new protector!

She's been with them about a month now, and she has settled in nicely to her new home. And she definitely loves country livin'! I wanted to be able to show my readers who were interested in her story - which may only be Amanda, ha! - on how she was doing. I tried out my camera video, and I couldn't ever catch her scootin' her butt around in the new (which is why there is no water in it) tank, but it was pretty funny. She is definitely a water dog!

Keeping a watchful eye out for intruders!

Following her new "mom", my Momma

That other little furball? That's Belle! My family's had her for nine 1/2 years now. She was our first "real" family dog. She's a little older and a little slower, but she's still a diva!

Playing in the dirt with Dad on the tractor.

Enjoying the shade.

So, this is totally gross, but after having a hard time getting her to look at me, I went to check her out, and she was eating a rat that she found in the dirt hole. Blech!!!

I'm so glad to see her happy, and what I love the most about about this situation is that I get to see her whenever I want. I'll always feel like she is my step-child!


parkaveprincess said...

aw so cute!

Amanda Fouts said...

She definitely looks happy!! :) I'm so happy for Roxy...and for your parents, she looks like a great protector!!! (and that you filled us in on the rest of her story..I just love happy endings!)

The Richardson's said...

I love me a dog post! Roxy is livin the good life!

Life at the White House said...

you have adorable pups!!! just wanted to say hello - saw that you were now "following" my blog!

yours is great! looks like we have a lot in common. :)


Rachel said...

Is Belle who you guys had in Texas....the one that would ring the bell to go out?? I cute!!