Monday, May 18, 2009

Mutt Monday

In my blogstalking, I have come across so many of you who, like me, have adorable hounds that you love to show off! And what better way to brighten a dreary Monday than man's (and woman's!) best friend???

So all you dog lovers out there, on Monday I want to see your mutts and your purebreds, your tiny Chihuahuas and your huge Great Danes, your brand spankin' new puppies and your lazy, graying flea bags! Post videos or pictures - as many or as few as you would like!

I'm throwing together Mutt Monday from the pictures on my office computer this morning since I forgot my camera this weekend! I really wish that I had it because Riley & Gidget both tried to help us texture and ended up wearing it all over. Oh well, today's pictures are from two summers ago at a friend's lake house.

Riley spends all day in the water, but Gidget is too prissy. We worked with her some last summer, but two years ago, she wasn't having any part of it. Riley tries not to leave her out by coming to say hi often.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

Gidget still manages to have a good time running up and down the pier to follow Riley in the water.

"Can I go back in now??"

Come play along!


Dollface said...

Aww... I always post pics of thundy!! I will try this Thursday.. .love your dogs!! xxooo

Iva said...

that is so cute!!