Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's Outfit

I purchased this awesome little number two weeks ago during a two hour online sale at Neiman's.

It's my first maxi dress, and I as I feared, it is super long on my 5' 5" (I think? I haven't measured myself in years.) frame. It hits the model at her ankles, but it skims the floor on me. You can only see my shoes when I walk!

I originally drafted this post when this dress came in with the intention of posting a pic of myself in it to get some blogger feedback on the length. But, this morning I tried it on again and said screw it. I don't care if it is too long - I love it!!


Krystyn said...

It's super cute. I'm def in need of one of these dresses.

Crystal and Jeremy Johnson said...

Funny...I actually wore my first maxi dress today as well! Little long, but oh well...love it!

Iva said...

very cute dress!